Brand Story

Kisuii Bella Triangle

Our story starts with: Less is Better. Quality over quantity. Our woman understands the value of convertibility. When she travels, she doesn’t want to change her outfit constantly. She wants to create her own look, adapt it and express it her own way.

Globally neutral aesthetics combined with fabrications designed for comfort, luxury and beauty. Washed silks, cotton voile, gauze and novelty laces, embroidery and trims. Designed simple, yet elegant. Beautiful, yet functional. Designs that are equally at home in the lap of luxury, always with the ready-to-wear customer in mind… Kisuii is modern, easy, playful and feminine.

At our heart, Kisuii is a celebration of her unbridled spirit, and an endless summer. The world is your playground. Go play

Kisuii is the love-child of Leora Elituv and her two passions: travel and fashion. She grew up immersed in the fashion, swimwear and intimates world. She formalized her training at McGill University and Parsons in both marketing and entrepreneurship, then spent years working with several contemporary ready-to-wear brands in New York. She spends her time between New York City and Tel Aviv.