Kisuii Girl: Our Founder, Leora Elituv

Kisuii is the love child of my two passions fashion and travel. I grew up in the fashion, swimwear and intimates world. I was born in Montreal, a city defined by its garment trade, to a father who is the definition of the ultimate fashion entrepreneur. I formalized my training at McGill University and Parsons in fashion, marketing, and entrepreneurship and then spent years working in the contemporary RTW world before entering my dad’s business in the swim and intimates division.  

I live between New York and Tel Aviv. So I am very fortunate to get the beach and concrete jungle/fashion mecca balance! I understand that packing for travel isn't easy. Beach, brunch, city, exploring, dinner and going out are all part of my travel experience, and I found that I could not find quality transitional pieces that reflected my personal style.


What makes Kisuii different?

Kisuii is a luxury resortwear and swimwear brand that is designed with the RTW customer in mind. Our goal is to offer summer wear collections that are modern, easy, playful and feminine.

Barney’s picked us up in our debut season and is our marquee partner - their customer epitomizes the Kisuii woman, she is stylish and an educated shopper who wants beautiful, well made products. With a love of fashion and travel, I saw a need in the market for summer wear brand that is designed with the RTW customer in mind. I simply put together a collection of pieces that I wanted to wear and that I could not find out on the market, that I knew my friends would want to wear too. Within the resortwear market, I found that brands were either super boyish/boxy or boho - the market needed a brand that is modern, feminine and sophisticated.  She is a nomadic traveller - she likes to explore new places, she is street and world saavy, and she lives for new experiences. She is knowledgable about fashion, and she values quality.

The meaning of travel?

Travel has really become a year round, experiential activity rather than a seasonal event. Travel to me is a constant pursuit - new experiences sustain me and broaden my soul and mind. Kisuii is my response to the present way of travel which is fundamentally evolving just like fashion trends. Kisuii is designed for the nomadic luxe woman's travel needs - classy and fashionable pieces that can be worn from beach to brunch to city to dinner as these are all part of her day.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My dad. In my eyes, he is the ultimate fashion entrepreneur. Besides having an ingenious business acumen, he is the most adaptive and innovative person I know! My dad moved to Montreal, a city defined by its garment trade, and founded a company close to 30 years ago that has basically evolved with the ever-changing customer from Disney licensing to streetwear to denim to fast fashion to swim.

My most memorable travel experience?

My mom, sister and I were taking a girls trip to the Caribbean, when I was 9 years old. We had to connect through Toronto and we had an especially turbulent flight. My mom, who isn’t enamored by airplanes, decided we were going to get on a flight back to Montreal, rather than continuing our journey. I grabbed my ticket and passport, and ran onto the plane, leaving her no choice but to follow. So I guess, the pursuit of travel is in my core!

My favorite places to travel?

I love traveling to new places and exploring, so my list is still growing. Tel Aviv of course. Anywhere in Italy.. Mykonos and Tulum. We did our first shoot in Nosara, Costa Rica, and I absolutely fell in love!


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