Kisuii in Cartagena - A Travel Diary by Leora

Leora Elituv, Kisuii's Founder and Creative Director (pictured above in our Estela Maxi Dress) travelled to Cartagena, Colombia with the Kisuii creative team to shoot our Resort 2018 collection.  More to come on this photoshoot next fall as details are still a surprise but keep reading below for Leora's travel diary!


I was lucky to have two free days to spend exploring the old city of Cartagena. As well as some time to relax beach and poolside!  The city is infused with energy, flavor and culture.  Pops of color are the first thing that come to my mind!  Architecturally beautiful buildings in bright hues like pink, yellow, orange, green and blue.  City squares filled with multicolored chairs! We also visited the local market that had artisanal clothes, jewelry, bags, and other accessories. Enigmatic Latin music is played all over - in the streets, bars and restaurants. Walking through Cartagena just wants to make you shake your hips! 

Kisuii Noia Dress

Here I am wearing our Noia Tunic in Black on the streets of Cartagena.

Kisuii Resort 18

We stayed at the Bastion Hotel which is centrally located in the old city of Cartagena.  They have a lovely rooftop pool that overlooks the city and boats a stunning sunset.  They also make incredible Coco Lemonada - a Cartagena go-to drink! 

Kisuii Resort 2018

We ate at Harry Sasson at the Santa Teresa Hotel that is absolutely picturesque.  The details are exquisite: pink walls, cascading green vines, high ceilings, winding staircases, white balconies, loads of flower throughout. The hotel's classic Colombian design aesthetic felt out of a story book - it almost felt like Colombia meets Wes Gordon's Grand Hotel Budapest. One of my favorite movies of all time - a cinematography masterpiece!

Kisuii Uma One Piece 

Taking a moment in the shade during the photoshoot in our Uma One Piece.

Stella Dress

Here I am in our Sella Dress in beachside.

My favorite dining experience was definitely A Cartagena classic, La Vitrola. The restaurant's specialities are fish and seafood - and their coconut pie desert is a must! The restaurant has a beautiful ambiance with a local band playing live throughout the night. It really gives an authentic Colombian dining experience. Following dinner, we danced through the night at a live music bar just outside the old city called Havana!

Kisuii Girl

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