Our Founder Spills her Favorite Travel Spots

Our Creative Director and Founder, Leora was asked by CNN Traveler to divulge her favorite secret travel spots in Tel Aviv and Sicily.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Why it's great: Shuk Levinsky is my favorite market in Tel Aviv. It's right before Florentine, which is known for beautiful galleries, street art, and cafes, on the outskirts of Jaffa, and it's lesser known to tourists. A local gem.

What to look for: I love going there on a Friday morning, as it's full of energy as people prep for Shabbat. Look for dried fruits, coffee, and nuts, mostly of Greek, Persian, and Balkan origins. Plus, they have the best and most exotic spices in the city! 


Taormina, Sicily

Why it's great: Taormina has so many beautiful and authentic shops (all the assortments are colorful and vibrant, straight out of a Dolce and Gabbana color palette). I loved Saro, an ivy-covered shop that's known for its antique handmade laces, Sicilian ceramics, and straw bags—everything is made by Sicilian artisans.

What to look for: I adore the lace and floral motifs there, and I spent almost an hour trying to pick out the perfect piece. I finally left with a delicate handmade lace tablecloth with matching napkins that's perfect for an intimate dinner gathering at home.



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