Our first photoshoot in Nosara, Costa Rica

Concept: Unsung moments that make life worth living

When in doubt, travel. That was her mother’s advice. So rather than feeling lost in a city she woke up to day in and out, she chose to lose herself in an altogether new place: to free herself from the burden of her own mind, to toe the line between feeling scared and wildly confident. And so she threw a dart onto a map, determined to go wherever it struck. Even if it was just for a few days, it’s always worth it. This is the tale of her journey.

To tell this story, we travelled through Costa Rica to capture authentic moments from the road. Our end point was a picturesque city called Nosara. Each photo in our look book captures not only our collection, but a first-person sentiment that hints to our woman’s state of mind. The look book is meant read like an intimate travel journal.

Enter the world of Kisuii… I hope you enjoy your first ever lookbook for Resort 2017.

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