Kisuii Summer is HERE!

Welcome to our second KISUII SUMMER!

Key Kisuii design aesthetics continue to evolve through our Summer 2018 collection – smocking, ruffles, ties, embroideries, and scallops.  We chose a washed daisy print that embraced the natural wild beauty of our surroundings while also capturing the core of the Kisuii girl - easy and playful.

We were inspired by a summer trip to a lake house -  a destination close to home that holds a sense of familiarity yet also instantly puts your mind at ease.  

This outdoor adventure was enhanced by the soft light of the setting sun over the lake.  And as we watched the sun set...  we could not help but start dreaming about where our next travel adventure might take us...

Pictured above is our new Gia Bikini in white eyelet. Shop all New Arrivals here >>

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