Kisuii Summer 17 Photoshoot

Our Summer 17 collection launches next week and we can not be more excited!  Shot on location in sunny Los Angeles, the Kisuii creative team set out to show how transitional our summer pieces truly are by shooting both indoors and outdoors.  Keep reading for our Summer 17 photoshoot travel diary!

 Kisuii Summer 18

We shot in two beautiful locations – Pali House in Santa Monica and Pirates Cove Beach in Malibu.  Both locations were picturesque and classic LA in style.  The perfect backdrop for our Summer collection.

Kisuii Summer 17

Pali House in Santa Monica is an extremely special building. Originally built as an apartment complex, the hotel chain has converted the twenties era structure into a series of hotel rooms. Our penthouse boasted lots of sunlight and ocean views with an incredible Moroccan tiled terrace with pops of color. The interior was very special as it was full of character combining many textures (velvet, leather, tiles, upholstery) and colors. The location allowed us to show how our Kisuii girl relaxes and gets ready for a day at the beach in class.    

After a beautiful morning at Pali House, we headed to Pirates Cove in Malibu. While the rocky beach was an optimal location for our shoot, the PCH drive alone allowed us to capture tons of gorgeous moments on camera. This allowed us to really tell the story of a complete day in the life of a Kisuii girl hotel to driving up the coast along the beach to the cove.   

Kisuii Summer 17

The shoot at the beach was breathtaking, especially as the sun started to set. Golden Hour is always our favorite time to shoot at the beach. Our micro navy floral pattern and bright coral suits looked amazing against the crashing waves.  (Get ready to shop these next Tuesday!).  

Kisuii Summer 17

We hope you are as excited as we are about the launch of the new Summer offerings.  Check back next Tuesday to shop the entire collection!

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