Kisuii Girl - Jessica Baukol

Born and raised right next to Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, I was very lucky to grow up alongside friends from all over the world.  This fueled my desire to travel from a very young age as displayed by the fact that I convinced my parents to let me study abroad in Barcelona at the age of seventeen!  It was my first time out of the country and it opened the floodgates for what was to come.

Barcelona was my first taste of travel and it was that trip that led me into the international sales realm of fashion.  I have been lucky enough to travel throughout Europe and Asia for work, finally settling at Conde Nast for a year where I was absorbed in the fast-paced world of publishing.

Working with the Kisuii collection has brought new energy into my work and made me even hungrier to get on the next plane out of town!  I am so passionate about this collection, the fabrics, and the inspiration behind the design.  It is exactly what any girl with a passport and the love of travel in her heart needs – sophisticated, easy to wear and timeless pieces that take you straight from the beach to a night out dancing with friends!  


My favorite Kisuii piece has to be the Estela lace maxi dress.  I was lucky enough to bring it along on my recent trip to Cuba and it worked perfectly day and night.  Even with a very full suitcase, it emerged unwrinkled because of the cotton fabric!


Travel to me means opening up oneself to the unknown, the foreign, the exotic.  Travel has taught me so much about food, design and of course - fashion.  Landing in a new country for the first time (or 100th time) is always a rush.  There is so much to discover and inspire.  



Without a doubt, my favorite place to travel is Paris.  It is the destination I have been to the most and each time I am there, I fall deeper in love with the city.  



My recent trip to Cuba was an experience I will remember forever.  Cuba today is a culture where people are forced to recycle and innovate with what they have which most of the time are items from before the revolution.  But at the same time, it is totally modern with iphones everywhere.  It was a reminder that people are people, no matter where they are from and that we can all relate on a basic human level.  Incredibly inspiring and I cannot wait to go back.

No words or pictures can capture the energy of Havana.  The crumbling buildings and 1950s American cars take you back to another era.  And with scarce internet, you are literally forced to stay present in the moment and absorb everything the city has to offer.


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