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I work as the Director of Client Services for Visual Lease, a real estate lease management software company. I am very passionate about this business as it is a family business and I am committed to its success. I grew up in New Jersey with an older and a younger sister and with my parents 10 minutes from the beach.  I then decided to move to New York City to attend NYU. My older sister had been studying there, and I knew I loved the energy and excitement of Manhattan. I joined Stern (NYU's business school), and ended up majoring in finance and management with a minor in Producing for film and TV from Tisch. During school, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy during my Sophomore year. It was amazing. I fell in love with the people, the food, the way of life, and the city itself. From Florence, I traveled all over Europe to places like Prague, Mykonos, Paris, and Barcelona. When I came back to New York, I definitely had a new zest for life and a new perspective.  I try to travel to a new place each year, and have been fortunate to explore different parts of the world. I have been to places like Bali, Hong Kong, Guatemala, Alaska, etc.



I have to say that my favorite travel memory was when I went to Capri for the first time when I was 16 with my family. I arrived to the gorgeous island covered in bougainvillea and fell in love with the air, stunning rocky beaches, clear water, chic families, delicious food, shopping and beauty at every corner. I remember asking my parents "there are places like this in the world, and we live in New Jersey?" (Not to knock New Jersey which is absolutely beautiful, despite what many may think.) We went swimming in the blue grotto, we met amazing people, and did not have a worry in the world. I hope to go back there as much as possible.



Most of the places I travel to are tropical or warm. I always have my kindle (as much as I love hard books, kindles are just way more efficient for travel), headphones (I am addicted to music and dancing), and a small backgammon set (to play my sisters or friends on the beach).  A solid beach bag is a must - something big enough to hold everything, nice enough to complete my outfit, and durable enough to withstand sand and the occasional ocean spray.

I love Kisuii because their cover-ups and bathing suits are consistently beautiful and different. Even though I may pack a 100 things, I always end up wearing their clothes because they are extremely airy and beautiful. I just went to St. Barth's and was complimented constantly (which is not easy to achieve in St. Barth's!). I always want bathing suits that are either really good for tanning, or really good for being active - and Kisuii has both! I also love flirty and girly yet practical things. I love a cute mini dress for nighttime. My sandals during the day need to be easy to get on and off, but at night I fully invest in a comfortable (yet sexy) wedge.

Kisuii Swim 


I went to St. Barth's recently for my good friend's wedding. I stayed at Le Sereno which is where most of the Wedding activities took place. At least 250 people attended from all of the world but mainly from Switzerland, Colombia, Miami, and New York. We went hiking to Colombier beach, we day-partied at Shellona, had the rehearsal dinner at Le Guerite, danced at Le Ti, and attended the wedding at the Bathelemy and Le Sereno hotels. I had an absolute blast - spending time with old friends and making a ton of new friends. I am still going through withdrawal!


Kisuii St. Barths

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